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Dan Reiland: Why Are Some Churches More Evangelistic Than Others?

Evangelistic churches are churches that reach and baptize lost people. They connect the disconnected to Christ’s body and see them mature and go on mission, reaching others.

Dan Reiland wrote an excellent post about this question…

If I can be blatantly candid, there two types of hospitality: surface friendly and genuinely welcoming. One results from training, the other comes from the heart. In one case, it’s what the ushers and greeters read in a manual, and in the other, it comes from a love they have for people.

Don’t get me wrong. We need the manuals and training. We really do. But our job as leaders is to encourage and inspire the deeper reason to reach more people. It’s certainly not about numbers. It’s the fact that each person matters to God and therefore matters to us!

When we genuinely love people, it’s nearly irresistible.

He offers up five evaluation questions for church leaders to ask:

  1. Are you proud of your church?
  2. Do you model the example?
  3. Can you un-clutter your church calendar?
  4. Do you welcome guests with amazing hospitality?
  5. Do you understand the law of numbers?

We certainly need as many churches as possible to rise to their evangelistic potential!

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