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Chris Lee: The Blog Content Strategy That Builds Traffic, Attracts Links, And Crushes Competitive Niches


Chris Lee brings it with his post on RankXL.

He defines content marketing as:

Content marketing is the art of producing consistent value to your audience in the form of content. Each piece of content you produce should deliver value to your readers, help them solve a problem, or answer questions they may have. As you consistently deliver value and help your readers, it establishes trust, builds your brand, and grows your audience – all of which lead to the long-term goal of driving sales.

Then he answers questions on the mind of every blogger and online business owner I know:

  • How often should you be posting?
  • How long should your posts be?
  • How do you consistently keep creating quality content?
  • Where do you get content ideas?

He concludes:

With 2000-word articles consistently published in a wide variety of relevant topics in our niche, our site is going to mass up a ton of long-tail traffic over the years.

This is the first in a series of articles, so be sure to subscribe at his site.

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