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Carey Nieuwhof: 7 Things Every Leader Should Banish Starting Today


Carey Nieuwhof is one prolific blogger! In fact, he’s really in my top few favorites and I read every single post he writes.

In this recent post, Carey nailed it, and he nailed me on one of my biggest leadership struggles – fear! He says,

Fear is the thief of hope. It kills leadership. It murders courage.

Way too many leaders I know live in fear.

The difference between effective leaders and ineffective leaders is simple: all leaders feel fear. The effective ones push past it.

So what’s the antidote to fear?

While there are a few, believe it or not, I think one of the antidotes to fear is the fear the right thing.

If you’re going to be afraid, I suggest you fear this:

Be afraid of never accomplishing your mission.

Yep. Effective leaders find their boldness and push past fear.

So go for it!

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